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Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is a process in which an outside consultant works with an organization to help it improve its overall performance and effectiveness. This can involve a range of activities, such as analyzing the organization's structure and culture, identifying areas where improvements can be made, and developing strategies to address those areas.

Organizational consultants may work with companies of all sizes and across all industries. They may be hired by companies to help with a specific problem or issue, such as improving employee engagement or increasing productivity, or they may be brought in to provide more comprehensive organizational development services.

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It happens to us all. Despite best intentions, efforts to improve organizational capabilities get buried under everyday business priorities, further widening the gap between what you have and what you need. Sustainable business performance requires that you constantly work to build your company’s organizational capabilities. We use our applied experience to help you match your organization to your goals. And while we work to take an involved, collaborative approach, our end goal is to equip clients with capabilities that live on well beyond our engagement.


  • Marketing effectiveness audits and capability roadmaps

  • Organizational design and structure analysis and recommendations

  • Reengineering for marketing-related processes

  • Talent development plans and coaching

  • Strategies to maximize the value of agency and technology partnerships

Some of the key areas that organizational consultants may focus on include:

  1. Leadership development: Consultants may work with senior leaders within the organization to help them develop the skills and competencies needed to lead effectively.

  2. Change management: Organizational consultants can help companies manage change initiatives, such as mergers or acquisitions, reorganizations, or new product launches.

  3. Talent management: Consultants may work with companies to develop strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing top talent.

  4. Performance management: Consultants can help organizations implement effective performance management processes to ensure that employees are meeting their goals and contributing to the overall success of the organization.

  5. Culture development: Organizational consultants can work with companies to develop a positive organizational culture that supports employee engagement, innovation, and high performance.


Overall, the goal of organizational consulting is to help companies improve their performance and effectiveness by addressing the root causes of problems and developing strategies to achieve long-term success.

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